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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tetiana update:

I actually finished the first draft of my novel, Tetiana. Maybe I'll even come up with a title for it ... unless I decide that my main character's name really is fitting as a title. Hmmm... Anywho, it ended up being 101,202 words long (until editing begins, then it may grow longer or be cut shorter. who knows?). I'm so excited! Still, the question remains: Now what? First, I'll need some feedback so I can edit it. Then, I'll have to figure out the whole submission/publication process. Scary. Wow.


Blogger Mary said...

I always knew you'd finish first. ;-) Congrats!! You must have found an earlier ending. Tetiana is a good title, as it's a unique name, has a good fantasy feel, and she really is what carries the book.

I can't wait to read it, but should probably wait until my own is done (not much longer!). At least I've done a lot of research on the submission process, so can help with that once you've done some rewrites. So excited for you!! *does happy dance*

So, what first? Give it at least a week without looking at it. If you don't mind someone reading first draft, you can have someone else reading it during that time, or wait until you've done a second edit before sharing it. I'll dig through my bookmarks and find you some good sites about editing. :-D

Blogger lizbit said...

Thanks! We should go through the editing/submission process together (so I can use all your knowledge).

Blogger HotMama said...

Congratulations! Check out (Twilight Series) she has some info on there about how she got her book published, where she found her agent, etc.

Good luck!

Blogger lizbit said...

Thanks. :) I love Stephenie Meyer's books, and I'll definitely check out her site (thus far I've only visited long enough to establish that there will be more than three books ...)


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