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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I've been tagged by Nikki to list six things you may not know about me. So, here goes (and I'll have you know this was quite difficult for me):

1. When I'm absolutely alone (and I check) I sing songs which I make up as I go.

2. I make phone calls in my sleep. Apparently.

3. I'm newly engaged and feel like I'm in the cheesiest romance movie ever, but I don't mind one bit. (aka, I'd actually rather just sit with Yang and cuddle than go do something with anyone else)

4. The idea of being gainfully employed scares me so much (I can't figure out why) that just thinking about working out schedules and paychecks gives me panic attacks.

5. I was actually thrilled to find out I really do have things wrong with me (fibromyalgia, SAD and such). I thought "yay! I'm not a crazy hypochondriac!"

6. For quite some time I struggled with an addiction to romance novels and still suffer from the after-effects of that. If you've ever had a similar problem, I suggest an excellent Ensign article I read a few months ago.


Blogger Mary said...

Kudos to you for honesty. *hugs* Enjoy the early romance phase, all the cuddling and even the cheesiness. ;-)

Blogger Nikki said...

I agree with Mary. "Kudos to you for honesty."

I remember when Danny and I had been married about 8 months and we were sitting down to breakfast together. We held hands across the table and our feet were together underneath. And I said something like, "I wonder how long this will last."-- meaning the cheesy grin and romance and twitter-paited feelings and holding hands before every meal. Liz, it will last as long as you let it. And it can even be rekindled when growing dim. Enjoy it. Yang sounds wonderful and I can't wait to meet him!

Thank you for sharing that Ensign article. It was a very enlightening read. I must've missed it when it came out.

Being gainfully employed sure does seem intimidating at first. But then there is a fanstastic feeling of accomplishment after keeping a job and doing it well and being accountable to someone else.

Anonymous Joanna said...

Finding that perfect someone can make all the difference on how you view the world and life.

Oh, and before you know it you won't be embarrassed to sing those silly songs you made up out loud in front of Yang.


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