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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Five Spring Break Activities:

Forget heading to the beach or setting out on a road trip, these are the activities that should most be cherished by those students who desperately need their Spring Break (only two and a half days of classes to go...I can make it!).

1) Sleep. Sleep during the night, sleep during the morning, sleep during the afternoon, catch some winks, sneak a nap, curl up in the sunshine, hide under your covers---SLEEP!
2) Do Absolutely Nothing at All. Just sit and appreciate the fact that you have no classes to attend, no work to worry about, no studying, no papers, nothing. Especially if you 'forget' that reading you have to do.
3) Rediscover Neglected Hobbies. Maybe you (like me) are a writer who hasn't done any creative writing in months, maybe you're an artist who never has the time to paint, maybe you play an instrument, maybe you collect--now's your chance to catch up on all those things you've had to set aside!
4) Play Games Just Because You Can. You finally have time--play those games you enjoy. Play games with friends, with family, alone--it's the next best thing to doing nothing and you may even get some positive human interaction out of the experience.
5) Visit Those You Care About. Hey--you finally have the time to go see your family, to visit with those friends who are also enjoying their break, to just sit and talk! What's Palm Beach compared with that?

So, in the meantime, since Spring Break is still just beyond the horizon, don't try to begin your vacation early, no matter how tempting that may be. I, for one, should stop blogging and work on that paper I'd like to turn in tomorrow ... of which I have only a title typed ...


Anonymous Joanna said...

Love the list! Don't forget to cherish having spring break at all. Once you're out of school and working those are called vacations, and they are few and far between!

Blogger jvjw said...

Wonderful list - much better than the crazy things a lot of college kids do. Enjoy the breaks while you can!


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