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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My roommate is, as I said, from NY and she is here studying film through her school. I am getting used to navigating the underground, though I still manage to get lost occasionally. Yang and I are planning weekend trips to France and Germany via the Eurostar Chunnel. It's only a little over a hundred dollars to take the train there and back from London--it seems like it would be a waste not to! Food, thus far, has been the most expensive thing here (just because we have to buy it and there is no such thing as a meal--particularly not a filling one--that cost less than the equivalent of $10 each). Yang and I saw King Lear at the Globe as groundlings--meaning we stood in the yard directly in front of the stage for the entire play, which is over 3 hours long. It was amazing, but our feet were definitely sore afterwards. Yard tickets at the Globe are only 5 pounds.


Blogger jvjw said...

You should definitely take advantage of seeing Germany and France while you have the opportunity! Be safe. How are the actual classes? Looking forward to seeing some photos, too. Love ya!


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