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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tomorrow, I leave for a five-week Study Abroad program in England. I am very excited (of course) and also somewhat nervous (also, of course).

I'll be staying in Regents College for the duration and I'm the only lucky person to get a single. (yay for no roommate issues whatsoever!)

All-in-all, I am very ready for summer. Of the grades that have been posted, I have straight A's--so I'm quite satisfied with this last semester, but it was exhausting and I'm glad it's over. On to the next bout of studying! And shout three cheers that it is in England! :) Have a wonderful summer, everybody!


Blogger Julie V. said...

Congratulations on being lucky enough to get a room alone! Also congrats for the great grades. We all hope you have a wonderful and adventurous experience with flying and staying in England. A new chapter in your book of life.

Anonymous Aditi said...

How can summer be wonderful..??
Well,not for me,coz out here its pretty hot.
Neways,you enjoy yourself..
&I am sure your Study Abroad program will really be great..


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