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Friday, May 23, 2008

I know, I know ... no pictures yet! I'm just taking a very brief moment to suggest that you never get sick in a foreign country. Just don't do it. Also, Richard II at the Roundhouse Theatre last night was amazing, and Hampton Court Palace is impressive. I'm going to Canterbury tomorrow! :)


Blogger Julie V. said...

You got sick?! What happened? Feeling better now? I know how lousy being really sick can be - my first experience in the ER as a patient was this week...not fun.
Isn't Richard II one of your favorites? Keep smiling. Love Ya!

Blogger Mary said...

So did someone get sick? Or are you just hoping you don't so as not to waste any precious time?

I'm so jealous of all you're doing! If you happen to visit Castle Combe Wiltshire, take many pictures and notes for me. ;-)


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