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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've felt generally unwell since I arrived here--the climate must not agree with me. It's beautiful and damp and green--and there's more pollen and low pressure here than my body can handle! Still, I'm enjoying myself. It's crazy the amount of walking I do here, though--I walk miles all over London, take the tube everywhere, and have to climb three flights of stairs to get to and from my bedroom every day. Yang and I are going to try to go to France this weekend--wish us luck with planning!


Blogger Julie V. said...

I'm so sorry that you haven't felt well! I hope you can arrange the trip to visit France. Wow! Be careful, and have fun! (we are still looking forward to seeing photos, too!)

Blogger Mary said...

So awesome! (The France part, not the unwellness.) Good luck and have fun. :-)

Anonymous Joanna said...

Fun! Good to hear things are going well - although I'm sorry you're not feeling well either.



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