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Monday, May 29, 2006

I Survived!

The semester has ended and I not only maintained my scholarship, I surprised myself and earned a 4.0! I'm still in shock. Now, all I have to do is try to enjoy summer and prepare for fall semester at the same time. Is that even possible?

Finally! An Update!

Well, it's about time I finally did something with my blog. Like update, for instance. . .

I am now in North Dakota playing the role of houseguest in my brother's home at Minot Air Force Base. I left Utah the evening of Mother's Day for a 24-hour drive with Dan's wife Nikki and the three kids (Ethan-aka Pookie, Gabby-aka Squishy, and Elijah-aka The Bun). Dan was already home and eagerly awaiting his family's arrival. I'm not certain how long I'll be here in North Dakota--at least through June.

Meanwhile, I have already learned a few things about what is worth taking on an extended leave and what isn't. Examples: do bring comfy, cute clothes--don't bring jewelry (odds are you won't wear it--especially with kids around who love to grab onto things like necklaces). Do bring plenty of reading material--if you don't have room for both books and music than forget the music. It's easier to hum a tune or find a radio than to find something to read. When in doubt about the number of shirts or pants to bring, remember that three pairs of pants is more than enough and you're more likely to notice a certain lack of selection in your tops (*sigh* I miss my clothes . . . ).

Some advice for on-the-road: Bring plenty of Go-Gurt and don't be afraid to buy more when you've already consumed three boxes. Nikki and I agree that Go-Gurt is what got us through the long drive with only two twenty-minute nap stops and without really feeling tired until the last five hours. Don't speed once you're within an hour of your goal--apparently, there's a greater chance of getting pulled over . . . if you think maybe you should slow down, do slow down. Also, if a certain small fluffy animal jumps in your way and gets smooshed do not keep mentioning said animal periodically throughout the drive (it just might annoy fellow passengers). Last, but definitely not least, avoid Business Loops like the black holes they really are.