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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well, it's Christmas Break (finally!) and I've realized that there are just too many things I put off 'until the break'. For example, I have been saying I'll work on Tetiana (my story) 'during the break', I'll read my Elfwood friends' updates 'once it's the break', I'll establish a profile on our Wilcox Writers website 'after finals', etc. Instead, thus far I've cleaned and done Christmas baking and candy-making instead. Ah, well. There's always next week, right?

My favorite pin (which I made myself at Crimson Nights--a huge party thrown each month at the U): "The procrastination monster ate me"

Monday, December 04, 2006

I just took my first Hebrew final and I made the mistake of remembering all the wrong vocabulary--for the life of me, I couldn't remember the words for "luggage" and "purse", nor could I recall the name of the guy who built the neighborhood outside of Jerusalem, or the name of the neighborhood, either. I was absolutely disgusted with my memory this morning! Still, I tried to put as much as I could into each of our five assigned paragraphs, unlike certain of my classmates who decided to simply skip those with key words they didn't recall. (Hey, I may not recall "luggage", but I do know a lot of things to be put in it! Even if I didn't think of some until after I left--maps and books, for instance.) Well, I have two more written finals for Hebrew, so I hope I do better on those. *crosses fingers* Later today, I'll certainly be looking at the texts and words I forgot, as well as look at some of the vocab I might have difficulty remembering when the pressure's on. (Oh my, I just dangled a participle, didn't I?) Anyway, right now I need to work on finishing my Early American Women paper (due Friday). Hey, at least the house I'm living in hasn't caught fire, right? I wish I could go home and help everyone clean up after the *ahem* incident. Still, I do have quite enough to keep me busy here. If I keep rambling on, you'll decide I'm just trying to postpone working on my paper (and you'd be right), so I'll just say TTFN and divert my attention to Little House on the Prairie and all the race and gender issues therein.