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I'm a young student at the University of Utah who can't wait for good weather and at least one stress-free week (is there such a thing?).

Monday, February 12, 2007

Last night it snowed or, rather, it iced. Though the weather remains rather pleasant (not the marvelous shirtsleeves weather that ended last week, but still warmish and sunny), the entire ground was covered with a sheet of ice. People had been around to spread the expected salt and de-icer, but the walk down-campus still promised to be treacherous, especially as it is down a rather steep slope and I had the lack of foresight to wear shoes with zero traction. As I slid my way down the sidewalk, sometimes resorting to grabbing things like cars and fences or slosh through frosty mud to avoid falling, I regretted my decision not to wait and take the shuttle. Sure, it would have taken me longer to get to class, but it would undoubtedly have been safer. I did manage to avoid falling until I had almost made it to the Union. I had noticed that the blacktop was less icy than the sidewalks, so I detoured slightly to cut across the Union parking lot. Just as I neared the sidewalk in front of the building, I became over confident, hit a patch of invisible black ice, slipped and fell. My bag skittered away across the veritable ice rink that was a parking space, my clothes picked up all the water the sun had managed to coax out of the ice, and I nearly snapped my wrist catching myself. Now bruised, damp, and embarrassed, I fled (as quickly as a girl with joints like an 80-year-old hobbling over a strange ice/salt mix can flee) to the relative safety of indoors and began to regret my decision to get out of bed this morning. Now, I am writing this post for the sole purpose of postponing my return up-campus. Hopefully, the sun will have melted some more of the ice before I leave. If not, I may resort to taking the shuttle. If you've ever taken the shuttle anywhere here at the UofU, you know just how desperate I am to even consider such a thing.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

You know you've hit a low point when . . .

. . . you prefer to spend your Saturday in bed (or at least in your pj's).

. . . you come dangerously close to deciding to leave your room without putting on a bra (it's hard to lounge effectively with one on, you know)

. . . you open a new Word document for everything you need to write, type your name at the top, then just stare at the glowing white screen and contemplate the Universe

. . . you check your email five times in about half an hour, avoiding the sight of those dreadful white screens

. . . you read a Dean Koontz novel in one sitting while contemplating the entire time on how you should be reading something for school like, say, The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy, Gentleman.

. . . you realize it's been over a month since you checked a forum that you joined for your own enjoyment even though you have to go online every day to check two other forums for classes.

To atone for my neglect of The Realm of Dashevona (a forum Mary set up which y'all should visit), I am providing a link to said forum and inviting you all to post. I promise I'll reply! And in less than a month this time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, it's my 19th birthday and in only one more year I will have officially moved past my teenage years. I find it hard to believe that I'm 19--not really certain why. Maybe it's just an odd age to encounter.

*FYI: I just checked my profile and discovered that my birthyear was listed as 1756. Just so y'all know--that's wrong. And somewhat funny. :-)